History of Successful Ventures

In January of 2001, after sampling the surf, admiring the beauty and soaking in the atmosphere of Costa Rica, Ish Spencer and Jason Mueller decided this was going to be the next "it" place to vacation or build a vacation home. After exploring the Pacific Coast looking for a perfect site to set up a business, they settled on Mal Pais, an unknown town on the tip of the Nicoya Peninsula. At the time, Mal Pais and the adjoining Santa Teresa had little more than a sprinkling of hotels, surf camps and low cost eateries to offer the wayward traveler but Ish and Jason knew that the beautiful beaches, luscious jungles, and friendly locals wouldn't be kept secret for long. As they predicted, Mal Pais and Santa Teresa have grown substantially and now are home to many hotels, a wide variety of restaurants, a bank, a pedestrian mall, urgent care facility, and luxury condos. (See Mal Pais info)

In addition to predicting future growth in development, Jason and Ish also had the foresight to pick out the ideal piece of land to build a business. Flat and covered in fruit trees, the property was not only ready for development but perfectly located with the beach 200 meters away, the center of town less than a mile away, and bordered by the public road. With the purchase of the land, Jason and Ish founded Ocean Travelers to develop the land, market the business, and manage operations. By 2003, Ocean Travelers was running Casa Ocean Travelers, a hotel and wellness center. The wellness center consisted of two massage rooms, a yoga studio and in 2006 the addition of a gourmet restaurant. Casa Ocean Travelers enjoyed consistent bookings as well as a loyal customer base and high customer satisfaction. (See testimonials).

Ocean Travelers expanded their business model of identifying high growth regions for land acquisition to other areas of Costa Rica. Their next successful purchase was 7.5 acres of land in 2003 in Playa Negra near Tamarindo. (See Playa Negra) The lot was sub-divided into four pieces with one selling in 2005 and the other three in 2006. Since 2006, Ocean Travelers has reinvested in Playa Negra and has purchased multiple properties in Marbella, the next predicted growth region. (See Marbella) As growth in tourism and development continued in Mal Pais, buyers became increasingly interested in Casa Ocean Travelers. In January of 2007, when other, higher potential projects in Marbella became available, Ocean Travelers sold Casa Ocean Travelers. Not only has Ocean Travelers been successful in evaluating fast growth areas and undervalued properties, but people buying land from Ocean Travelers have also been very satisfied. (See Testimonials)


Ocean Travelers thoroughly researches land titles to ensure fee-simple title. Additionally, all due-diligence is performed in assuring the titles are free and clear of all liens and inordinate development restrictions. To assist buyers, Ocean Travelers provide many services included but not limited to paying land taxes, land clearing, and property management. The service packages are negotiated individually based on the exact piece of land and number of services required. Ocean Travelers also provides contacts for other services such as legal, architecture, and construction. These services allow buyers to remotely invest in Costa Rica, adding value to their portfolios without adding hassles.

Co-Founder Bios

Ish Spencer
Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Ocean Travelers
Ish Spencer has been the Co-CEO since January 2001. Ish is a seasoned world traveler and recently researched international Coastal Real Estate from May of 2006 to August of 2007 in Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Hawaii, Indonesia, and Australia. In addition to managing Ocean Travelers, Ish Spencer worked part time as a Staff Editor for RTC magazine from June of 2006 to April of 2007 and as a Manufacturing Associate for Quantum Dot from June 2001 to June of 2002. Ish will receive his MBA from SDSU in December of 2007. He received his MS in chemistry from UCSD in 2003 and his BS in chemistry from Berkeley in 2001.

B. Jason Mueller
Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Ocean Travelers
Jason Mueller has been the Co-CEO since January 2001. From January 2002 to January 2006 Jason spent 5 months of each year developing, building and continuously improving a wellness center with hotel, restaurant, yoga studio and massage rooms in Mal Pais, Costa Rica. Also while in Costa Rica, he developed and maintained the other properties in the Ocean Travelers portfolio. In addition to managing Ocean Travelers, Jason Mueller has worked as a Sub-Contractor/ Carpenter in Southern California since 2001. From 1998-2001 Jason was a manager of a Wild Oats Market, in Laguna Beach, CA. Jason is a seasoned traveler researching international Coastal Real Estate in Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Hawaii, and Indonesia. Jason is also a Certified Yoga Instructor and practices yoga daily.